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An essential web maintenance plan to keep your website protected and fully functional.

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A professional web maintenance plan to keep your website protected and free of viruses and spam.

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An epic web maintenance plan featuring advanced protection, real-time monitoring and SEO stats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The weekly summary report provides an overview of important website information such as analytics data, security scan details, performance stats and more.  For plans featuring SEO tracking, insightful ranking and visibility metrics are also included.

Weekly summary reports are delivered via email on a set day each week.  We’ll let you know when to expect your report upon activation of your plan.

Websites are hosted on powerful computers that are also vulnerable to malicious code.  Regular security scans are a must for keeping your website free of malware.

The performance check measures the speed of your website across key metrics such as page load time, PageSpeed and YSlow grades.

Optimal website performance is critical to a favorable user experience and search engine rankings.

Only our Hero tier includes proactive performance and optimization tweaks.  Other plans that monitor performance keep you abreast of your performance metrics through reporting, opening the door for discussion surrounding tentative performance optimizations.

Most every website has at least one contact form to facilitate customer interaction.  Forms sometimes stop working due to changes caused by updates, outdated code, etc.  We monitor form functionality to ensure that form submissions make it to your inbox.

Spam management involves using a variety of technologies to prevent bogus comments and malicious links from being submitted to your site.  In the event that spam makes it through our automated filters, we’ll manually remove it.

Yes, that’s true.  Most hosting environments have built-in redundancy, making it very unlikely that your site will go offline.  That said, websites can (and do) go down from time to time.  Up-time monitoring ensures that we receive immediate notification in the event of a site-down event.

Although there are some tools built for that, “link monitoring” in this instance refers to making sure that none of the links on your site are broken.  Broken links frustrate users and detract from overall SEO.  Link monitoring identifies any broken links, allowing us to quickly rectify the problem.

We’ll progressively assist you with tracking up to 100 keyword phrases associated with your website.  We say “progressively” because keyword strategy is often developed over time.  In most cases, we add between 5 – 10 keyword phrases per month.

Sure thing.  Websites are somewhat needy in that the performance and optimization landscape is always changing.  Random errors crop up, site loading times sometimes lag…  In short, there are a variety of on-going things that need to be addressed to keep a website in tip-top shape, and our tweaks are focused on addressing these issues as they arise.  

Actually, no.  Although we do encourage customers to give our plans at least 3 – 6 months to get an accurate feel for their impact, all plans feature rolling monthly renewal terms.

No problem!  🙂  We take pride in offering plans that scale with the potential fluctuation in business needs.  Upgrading or downgrading your plan is as simple as notifying us at least 7 days before the start of your next billing cycle.